Toronto Housing Market

Wednesday Apr 14th, 2021


I have been receiving messages from first time home buyer, people who want to down size home, or who wants to buy new houses in Mississauga, asking for new listings in Brampton buying detached home in Vaughan or etc. Some people looking for top realtor in Brampton or best real estate agent in Mississauga or top realtor in Vaughan! Honestly housing market is a complicated market in GTA and Toronto area. I have received messages in facebook lately asking about housing market crash in Toronto or house price bubble in Toronto. Answering to these kinds of question is so personal and different from one agent to other one.

For example never the answers are similar if I ask you what are the best areas to live in Richmond Hill ? Or best neighbourhood in Brampton or best area in Markham to buy a house. It’s different from people perspectives and visions. Buy a house in Scarborough is absolutely different from find new houses in Kipling and find house to buy in Ajax. In terms of sellers also list your house in different areas are different.

Imagine you may like to buy a house close to subway or may buy a house close to high ranking schools. Each family has a unique profile.

Let’s try something and please answer in comments which one in better in terms your family needs? Is buying new townhouse for sale in Brampton your best option or new detached house for sale in Brampton or buy a Bungalow in Brampton. Buy cheap condo in Mississauga or buy best preconstruction projects? Even sometimes individuals may not be able to answer for few seconds! Sell your home as is could be better or fix it? Can I sell my home privately or sell your home fast without realtor? Selecting a realtor to sell your home is not easy. Sell my home is something we are thinking often. Or can I sell my home higher than appraisal? Best home mortgage lenders are easy to find. Best home loan lenders are looking for clients who could pay back them with stable job. Mortgage interest rate keeps changing according to economy inflation, deflation and many other factors. If you want to refinance your house or get home equity line of credit your house has to be appraised by lenders. House price anticipation in 2021 in a little too complicated because of effect of pandemic on housing market. Best brokerage for list your house like Royal Lepage always issuing market reports on monthly or Quarter basis. You can receive the housing market update by registering your email here in website.


Off market houses in different areas also can be available if you inform us your target area and price range. Buy a Bungalow to renovate in Vaughan or new semi-detached house in Mississauga in right price have been asked often and the client more looking for off market houses.


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